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How Paradigm Sample Maintains Project Success While Innovating

Innovation has become a hot buzzword in the market research space, but first and foremost, innovation must be aligned with client needs to make a meaningful business impact. At Paradigm Sample, we believe the most important designs are those that allow our clients to deliver their projects on-time and on-budget. While some projects may seem similar at the onset, we know they are all unique and require attention to detail.

Project management, at a 30,000-foot view, is about breaking new ground. It is about doing things we have not done before. Our experts marry creative thinking with data and logic, then apply the appropriate technological solutions to help our clients realize benefits and efficiencies beyond what they request.

The Paradigm Sample team structure supports heavy collaboration, with managers focused on clearing obstacles to ensure projects move in the right direction. Identifying potential bottlenecks for ongoing projects is an active role that needs daily attention cross-functionally. This approach brings the information that is relevant, timely, and critical to the overall project success to the right people at the right time.

We approach each project with fresh eyes because every project needs a different driver to get over the finish line. Here are just a few of the areas where we look for the subtle difference so we can deliver a nuanced approach to getting projects done successfully and on time:

Survey Design

The respondent's experience plays a crucial role in producing high-quality results. Paradigm Sample works collaboratively with clients to optimize survey design, reduce respondent fatigue, and achieve a representative sample. Tools, such as gamification and active highlighting, help ensure respondents are engaged with the survey content. We also take survey device type and the associated limitation into consideration. Creating an interactive and seamless experience for the respondent reduces survey abandonment and improves our clients' data quality.

Daily Pacing

From quick-pulse surveys to those requiring extended field times, the Paradigm Sample aligns field pacing to meet client needs and specifications. Our project fielding strategy considers the number of completes needed per day, per week, or as specified, along with project details such as incidence, to ensure invitations achieve the appropriate cadence. Our dynamic data analysis tools are calibrated to limit respondent attrition while allowing the right audience to connect to the right survey opportunity. We restrict non-qualified research participants from accessing the survey on the front-end. These efficiencies enable fielding to proceed at the expected pace unencumbered.

Skip Patterns

The project management team at Paradigm Sample closely reviews skip patterns to understand the participant journey through a survey. Extensive survey testing identifies gaps that may bypass relevant questions; we address these issues before entering the field to avoid mistakes that could derail a project budget and timeline. A review of skip patterns helps to identify creative targeting opportunities based on the qualifying conditions. Monitoring sample groups based on subsets enables us to see which skip patterns are filling which quotas to backfill for any lagging segments of participants proactively.

Margin Considerations

While costs and margins are important, they are ancillary to achieving the prescribed goals. On-time delivery and delivering to expected feasibility is our primary consideration.

At Paradigm Sample, we understand online data collection is only one piece of the puzzle for our clients. When our work is complete, many times, the client’s work has just begun. Delays on our side can have a domino effect on the project. A proper balance of cost and timing up-front, and maintained during the project, allows us to alleviate additional pressure on clients. 

Bonus: Data Appends

Paradigm Sample has invested heavily in extensive respondent profiling. Our online research panel supports a wealth of database connections, including Acxiom and D&B Hoovers. LinkedIn validation and data appends from voter registration are just a few of the add-ons we offer. Understanding long-term client strategy allows us to advise on solutions to help clients innovate and offer end-clients enhanced business insights.

At Paradigm Sample, innovation is more than a buzzword. Our focus on innovation means that we are busy behind-the-scenes seeking new ways to marry logic and data to serve our clients best. From reducing timelines to efficiencies that drive cost-savings, you may not ask for innovation, but you will get it at Paradigm Sample.


With results-oriented researchers just like you in mind, we created this guide to help you design and field a successful study. So, what are you waiting for? Click below and let our team of experts guide you through the complete process.

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